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New patients

It is of great importance to address a patients bio-mechanics, but most practitioners have not been trained properly in this field of medicine.  This results in many conditions of chronic neck, lower back, or post-surgical shoulders injuries not resolving.  Or resolving for a short period of time before the pain returns.  If a patient has poor range of motion or imbalances surrounding their injury and bio-mechanics have not been evaluated, they will continue to compensate with the adjacent structures and exacerbate the ailment.  By addressing bio-mechanics of the whole body and not solely focus on the painful area, we can better treat the patient.  The compensations will resolve into a functional state.  Dr. Haynie will evaluate and treat the structures that many ignore, such as the latissmus dorsi, triceps, piriformis, soleus, gluteus medius, or subclavius and restore function.  More often than not, when you restore normal range of motion and function to the affected area, the pain will resolve permanently.